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Jay U Boye Speak out on Liberians attitude towards poor support of Liberian Movies


Read Below Jay U Boye statement to Liberians in general.

Receipt to your comments on my previous post about the Lion Heart movie.

First of all I did mention $20,000 in my post doesn’t mean it was the budget of our production. Below are covers of recent film we just did and trust me the buget goes way beyond $20,000. Having stars from 4 different countries in West Africa on this production you should know. You do the math. My post was meant for Liberians and that was a way of making publicity as well.

People been talking about “produce the quality then we will support”. I can tell you that’s a lazy excuse for not supporting Liberian own content. Nigerians supporters, despite their few complaints with the Nigerian contents they still support their own and don’t even care about the Hollywood and other industries. Nigerian contents producers are way more satisfy with where they are cause their supporters never fails.

We Liberian content producers, most especially for those of us that only dare to produce quality contents get it difficult in getting finances for our productions. Banks don’t think our job is business enough to be given loans because they wouldn’t see a store full with merchandise. Liberians with money don’t see contents production as a lucrative business to invest in. Though they are aware that Nigeria has the best economy because of content production. Thank God that Artus Frank is the President of the movie union now. We will have a change.

I absolutely believe in Liberian contents supporters living in Liberia than that of the diaspora. I know exactly what Liberians living home want and how they can support. I believe these Liberians living home can better transform our entertainment industry than the ones living in the diaspora. Well that’s the hard truth. I have stay long in the field and know a lot that happens. Prince Sargbah talked about marketing. But most Liberians living in the diaspora dont have many Nigerian friends on their page and hardly see these movies ads but they go looking and searching for them. For Liberian content it’s a different case.

Liberians living home don’t care much about quality, they are concern, don’t get me wrong but it doesn’t stop them from supporting. With the phone recordings and bad cameras work Liberians living home were still able to make stars out of John and Paul. I bet Liberians living in the diaspora will not want to spend a dollar on those contents if they were online for sale.

Liberians living in the diaporas are either afriad to use their credit card on a site you will refer them to, to buy your content or the content does not worth a dollar of their money. But these same diaspora Liberians will go on a Nigerian site “Irokotv” to subscribe which they still believe is from a 419 country and they are good at internet fraud. Your brother Alvin Nyemah can relate. So tell me when are you going to support? I produce quality, sent you to the site, you don’t trust the security, I produce low quality you will say it’s bad work so you won’t support. I guess you will never just support even if I shot Titanic.

Since I know you are so complicated I am working on getting a Liberian content on Netflix and when the deal does go through hope you will watch it and post about it.

As for Lion heart getting on Netflix and getting these reviews is because that was Netflex first original film done in Nigeria. Genevieve was only hired by Netflex to direct the movie and that’s a business strategy for them. African movies have been on Netflex since 2015. So Lion heart being on there shouldn’t be a strange thing for you.

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