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Loveland or Tusis – Insults and Expression


It is hard to see people who have good life and good things getting angry and throwing stones. It is also hard to see people who know much about social media getting angry at what people talk to them or say out when it comes to promotion or stunts!

One of Liberia best photographer and video producer is set on blaze as he lash out not only on a media outlet but on a whole country as to the condition the country find it self in. Lorenzo Loveland, as many people know the father of one of Liberia up raising young star, Ziggy Ray, who’s also called “The Hipco Dream. Loveland got mad at the recent post from Gossip Liberia on social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, for which he try to talk back at the media outlet but went wrong including a lot of people in his comment. Loveland


Below are two screenshots for his comment on a post that were posted via social media, precisely Facebook. And this post was about Tusis who wore a pant that was torn or let say burst between the legs and he Tusis posted it on the social media(Facebook). Tusis is now a somebody who is not looked at as nobody any more, and as a young man who’s getting popular day by day by his great work makes him a public eye catching icon. Let see the comments form Loveland under the post from Gossip Liberia Facebook page.

These comments point out a lot of emotions that is not only directing to the publisher of the image but to many. Is it like Loveland is having bad times with Liberia or Liberians in general? Tusis


It never went down well with Tusis when he saw that Gossip Liberia re-posted what he posted and give it a caption. He, Tusis came back at Gossip Liberia with a real great reply that means much to him as it kindly explain his emotions and how he do reacts to publicity he never paid for, knowing that there’s no bad publicity, especially when you need to be branded through many ways that will give you the audience you need. Let us see Tusis reply

As he rightly stated, Yard Cloths da yard cloths. Learn what to post on social media. The media is watching more then you can image.

Welcome to Gossip Liberia, We Inform To Transform.

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