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Poetic Lyrics – Lazarus F. Siafa


Lazarus F. Siafa is a Liberian-American, who immigrated to the U.S. (Ohio) with his family at the age of 3, seeking refuge from what would turn into a 14-year civil war that devastated and changed the entire course of history of his beautiful Liberia.

Profoundly grateful to God and the US, Siafa took his second chance at life in the United States with both hands, enlisting with the Military right after High School, serving a combined period of 8 years in the Army and Marines respectively. It was during this chapter of his life that his affinity and interest in poetry and writing were ignited. His Instagram account is a robust spread of poetic lyrics. An aspiring New York Times Best Selling author, Lazarus is currently working with a publishing company in preparation for publishing his very first poetry book titled ‘Parables Beneath The Palm Trees’.


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