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The Comparison of George Weah and Jovenel Moise (Liberia and Haiti)


A president that was giving his citizens that he felt was best for them, that was President Jovenel Moise of Haiti.

Liberia and Haiti are both nations that got their independence from forming themselves but they were under the United State of America but got independence on their own. Leadership structure is another thing. Poor nations like these are have their struggles from their leaders. But the question here. Is it only the problem of the leaders or the citizens made their mistakes.

Let us look at Haiti ex president winning the election over many veteran politicians in the Haitians elections. He was just a DJ. After he won the election, he then appointed a cabinet that seems to be inexperienced to govern a nation, that which he did base on his own decisions cos he himself was not experience for such position. This lead to a worst economy and people who supported him to become the leader they wanted got frustrated like in the case of President George M Weah of today.

Could this be the worst that George Weah is doing? Getting a mass wealth with no accountability to the prevailing bad economy, dismantling institutions and allow his surrogates to go with impunity. Same thing that President Jovenel Moise of Haiti did.

President Jovenel Moise had 22 months with reckless and wasteful lifestyle, this lead to protest from the people of Haiti demanding president Moise to step down, continues protesting for months in the street made it possible for the citizens that got the heart of President Jovenel Moise to resign from power and till this date Haiti has taking a new era of development and economy balance.

This case of leaders breaking down or looking at their citizens in poverty and still not recognizing it will bring in crisis that will make the citizens to run mad at the leadership they have put in power. Liberians might reach to this point of the president don’t come out and give the people more reasons to believe in him then just seeing him achieving things that he never achieve when he was just a legend soccer star and a citizen of Liberia. The noise of intensifying day by day. We need to. Let us wait on the president and see what he have to say to the nation with all the rumors circulating around about his wealth and pleasurable lifestyle.

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