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President George M. Weah first year achievements!


President George Weah first year achievements in office is far greater than any other president first year in office in the history of Liberia. Come and counter it with facts.

Just to name few of his achievements.

For example:

1. The rescue of D. Tweh memorial high school,

2. The complete reconditioning of JFK medical laboratory,

3. The construction of Doe community Road,

4. The construction of the Logan Town Broad Street Road connecting Jamica Road,

5. The Building 108 unit housing for low income earners,

6. the building for it first of it kind the 14 Military Hospital,

7. The construction of the Gbanga Broad Street Road,

8. The construction of Buchanan fair ground road,

9. The placement of 2000 medical staffs on government payroll

10. Free education of all public universities in Liberia.

11. The sending of 15 medical students for foreign studies in various fields

12. The construction of the chuboy Road

13. The office 5 best students in the just ended WAEC for four years studies each

14. The establishment of a complete computer laboratory at the University of Liberia and the digitalization of registration.

15. The payment of all WAEC fees for all students in 2018.

16. The re-roofing of our people roofs in the Gibraltar community.

17. A solid foundation of fighting corruption with the arrest of a sitting Managing director for bribery.

18. With war been declared on drugs in Liberia as huge quantity of drugs now been arrested .

19. The allocation of funds for the completion of the new RIA Terminal.

20. The construction of Street lights from Duala to St. Paul Bridge.

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