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A Leader of All Religion and Society


Displayed of various pictures of President George M Weah has been placed on social media after his signboard of his new church were planted in the ground. We noticed doing his election campaign there were several pictures shown of the president with the Islamic religion group of Liberia and later with the Society groups , now he’s owning a church that was build a year after his first term.

People are calling him President of all religion and society. Liberians are asking too many questions as to, “what the president is thinking or really want to do?” A year in power, he got a new church, next is a dedication of his 41 housing estate which is coming up. This is the concern of the people now. Money getting lost and the president have buildings all over, living larger then before, even if this money is not the country’s money, people will think or is already saying it’s Liberia money.

The cry of the people are getting so loud around the country, that even the cry can’t come out any more. People are in demand for food, things prices have gone sky high and the citizens are likely not to afford $1.00USD a day to eat as it were before. President George Weah need to listen to his people cry.

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