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Producer of the year – Duke Blac end the year with this!


It is an opportunity to see progress this far as the year comes to an end today. Many people never understood why he won the award or was nominated as best producer of the year. Duke Blac is currently one of Liberia fastest growing producer in the history of Liberia, a humble young man, always got his art work together that is to must make a hit on every track he produce and never stop producing good sounds.

Duke Blac put out his listing of song that he want to come down with as the year comes to an end, and that happen today as he took this decision to reach out to Gossip Liberia in request to this progress. Let us see how this looks.

Swag Pro Ent super producer got ya looking at his top 2018 productions. If you don’t have al these songs, that means you never ended the 2018 well, get them at all media platforms!

Let us read the little note he added to this flyer.

“As we come to the successful end of 2018.

I say thank you to my Teams SWAGPRO Ent and SOG RECORDS..CEO YUNG BOSS AND Jaffar King…PASCAL AND CRALOBOI CIC… A Charles Chineh Jr. & Stone Luckshine.The Top Liberian Artists that worked with me, Djs, Bloggers, fellow producers, Graph designers, Fans, Family and friends…We have made 2018 a year of success. U guys took me from the floor to the peak of Liberian Music..am forever grateful for your contributions towards my career. This flyer explains that we deserves wat have been given to us.2018 we produced 30 unbeatable joints…Let the Lord continue to shine his blessings upon us…

2019 we shall make history then ever before… Together we can can build a better mama Liberia Music Industry🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🎵🎵🎵🎵



Thanks to Duke Blac for the progress!

More updates coming from me.

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