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5 Major Food Liberians Eat on Holidays


It is widely known that Liberia is one of the countries with spicy meals in Africa. Their meals are tasty and Liberians usually welcome visitors with food “Come let’s eat”, they say. Every home would like to show off how much of a talent they have in the kitchen.

If you are visiting Liberia for a holiday or some special occasions, there are several foods you will often come across. Here are five of them. I can see your mouth is getting wet already.


Jollof Rice

Originally from Senegal, this dish is cooked in Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia. A nice tomato sauce is made which is later mixed with the rice to get that jollof look. It is usually served with sausage, meat and some chicken. However, the Liberian Jollof is something else. What sets the Liberian Jollof Rice apart is that it is well seasoned.


Fufu and Soup

The fufu is made from cassava which is beaten to its softest form. It is later washed and siftered then the liquid is boiled until it gets thick.

The soup is made with ingredients like fish, crab, okra, dry fish, chicken etc.This meal is meant to be swallowed, but you can chew it if that’s what you’re comfortable with.


Goat Soup

Yes you guessed right. This stew is made from goat meat. The meat is boiled and seasoned to make this saucy soup. It is often eaten alone, other times it can be eaten with rice or fufu.


Chuck Rice and Gravy

It is the green rice. The rice is stirred with mashed Palava Sauce leaves to get its green look and taste. The gravy sauce is later made as soup for the rice. Something to definitely try while in Liberia.


Kidney Beans and Rice

This beans is boiled, seasoned and cooked to form a stew. Fish, meat or chicken are added to give you a nice eating experience.


Whether you eat the same meal at various locations the taste are always different. Interesting, isn’t it? Not only that each cook has their branded style on the dish each of these dishes has varieties.

What is your favorite dish among these?

What dish are you planning on eating the next holiday?

Leave your answers in the comments below and let’s talk about it.

Welcome to Liberia, the sweet land of liberty and delicious meals.

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