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2019 with Kamikazee

CoZ Kamikazee

Liberia’s Hip-hop icon CoZ Kamikazee elevates for the New Year by stepping up his game like he always does but bigger than ever this time, following his recent nomination as best Hip-hop artist of the year wish of course he stands bigger and better chances of winning at the upcoming MTN Liberia Music awards, the country all-time most dependable hip-hop artist released a single titled “The Geez 2018” produced by Badazz.

On this song the Liberty Ent lyricist aimed at summing up most of the happenings in the Liberian community this year throwing light on entertainment as well as social and political sparks. The song has been released on various international platforms including Google play, Spotify, tidal, iTunes, amazon music, and other bigger platforms worldwide and for Liberian based websites for now it’s on www.libmusicxclusive.com for just
LD 75.00 with payments made via mobile money which is recommended you get yourself a copy right after reading this article.

During a short Interview with Coz Kamikazee he disclosed some information regarding his upcoming album which is to be released by 2019 and he calls it “State of the Union 2” how more authentic could that get? With a lot of hard work and dedication given to this project, the smell of a possible hit rises from the corners of the studio where unique collaborations were made including one with Ghanaian hit artist Jupiter on a song called “Would You Be Mine” produced by another Liberian hit artist and producer Rawlo as well as many more quality sounds coming from the mastermind himself. This is indeed the type of MC other young rappers with head on their shoulders can proudly look up to base on his level of consistency to the industry followed by his passion for good music.

Kamikazee also disclosed managing other upcoming talents like “Icey” and newly acquired underground female artist “Zeo” and they both have projects to be released the Liberty Entertainment.

Well, with all of these efforts towards the improvement of the Liberian music industry over the period of ten years, rational minds obviously see CoZ as one of the GOATs playing the role of a mastermind as well. We look forward to hearing the release date of the album with every means of support available as it is the most anticipated Hip-hop album in the Liberian music Industry for now.

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