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Waking up from a bad dream was a great relief when I realized it wasn’t actual, but then my heart was still heavy because my mind kept reminding me of what I saw in my last night dream.

A glass of your favorite Coco milk will help calm your mind I thought to myself, but then when I got through with the last sip the memories kept rushing in like I was day dreaming. My heart pounded strangely to the extend my body became weak, and before I could get a hold of myself the glass I held had already reached the floor.

By this I knew if I don’t   express   how I feel inside my heart wouldn’t permit me rest.



I had a dream about a lady dressed in a white gown who looked very old but energetic. Her hair was all grayed, her skin tone was as dark as mine and regardless of her age she was still extremely beautiful, but when I steered into her eyes, I noticed they were filled with tears just waiting to flow down her face.

Out of curiosity I asked, “Mama why do you look this sad?” with no response   she slowly turned to the other side leaving me with only her back to view. Upon this, what I saw had me shocked!!!!… I    noticed her white gown was stained with a lot of blood which led me into asking again, but this time around with a broken heart and a wet eye ‘Mama what Happened to you?’. She turned in my direction without saying a single word, but her mouth opened wide within   split seconds and I heard   voices of people crying, shouting, complaining, murmuring and praying as though the apocalypse has taking place or millions of people undergoing torture in a single hall. As Scared as I was like a lonely child left in the dark, I stood there   listening to the voices before she could close her mouth and then speak for herself.

She said “My Son amongst my sisters I was the first to get married during the 1840s… My sisters; Serra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and others from our mother’s house (Africa) respected me so much because of this, although my home land only covers an area of 111, 369 kilometers I’ve managed to raise approximately 4.2 million children. Things were okay until 1989 when my children for no concrete reason fought a deadly civil war that lasted 14 years.

I’m so old and tired, I want to rest but my children won’t let me. From my tender time up to this old age all I’ve done is my best in providing their basic needs (Food, Cloths & Shelter). I even handed unto them riches to sustain their wellbeing, but it pains my heart to see that all they did and is still doing, is burn the houses I built, destroy the farm lands I made and now trading my priceless riches (gold, diamond, iron ore, timber, rubber, cruel oil) and other invaluable treasure I left in their hands to take care of and multiply for little of nothing.”

When I heard this, I felt broken and my eyes could no longer hold my tears from rolling down my cheeks as realized she spoke of the nation from which I came. Sadly, with so much passion and me being eager and wanting to help put my mother’s house in order as every good child would do, I asked her ‘But Mama, how can we make things right again?’

She said “My son, the only thing I need your to do is
LEARN To Make An Impact Positively,
EDUCATE My Grand Children Of Mistakes Made By Your Fathers,
PROTECT The Little That Is Left In This Nation From Outsiders With Pride,
RESPECT the ones that rule over you, Be generous to one another,
STOP MARGINALIZATION (Every person has equal rights  to participate in states activities and decision making processes regardless of whatsoever),
LET HONESTY be your code of conduct,
BURY the greed for power beneath the ground and
LET NOT YOUR TONGUE speak the language of violence
MOST IMPORTANTLY LOVE ONE ANOTHER cause it is only love that has the ability of bringing change,

This way I shall be well pleased and satisfy then I can boast of my home, my children, my economy, my Riches and the Goodness of my land. I asked again; “How can I deliver such message”?

She replied; Go, start with yourself, start by making impacts in your neighborhood, the Environment later the World at large.

As it is said; “The Journey of a thousand mile starts now”

Written by:
Christian T. Quiah

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