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Wearing the 14 UPSIDE DOWN


By: Augustus Gad Toomey.


In all of the Nation historical happenings and things Involving and revolving around her Growth and Development these numbers will not be forgotten and many other numbers. 26,24,6,12,11, 80,13 & 14.

An era of a raising star from Darkness to Light, and from Poverty to Prosperity surrounds the Number 14.

The star was covered in complete Darkness but was seen by 4 Wisemen and supported by 11 skillfully compare stars together they galavent and produced Lights for 13 Children all from one Mother.

Love was in the AIR all through their happy days, and than came their Distress Era, the 12 out of the 13 were forgotten that’s why We GOT APRIL 12… THE ONE(1) THAT WAS MOSTLY LOVED HAD HIS LOVELY NUMBER AND IT WAS THE NUMBER 14. THE COMMUNITY pleaded that the 12 should not go into fight with the 1 because behind the 1 has a 4 making him 14 which means He is a great Star. (Doe shouldn’t have died despite the death he cause for others, but it’s not all about our former President Samuel K. Doe.He is another Star Mentioned in here but has his place in the Stars house).

The 12 did not listen to the communities from around and war with their Own Brothers and Sisters. They went out of everything they ever owned including things loved by the locals and surrounding communities FOR 14 YEARS Plus and ended up as a Ghost Town but most interestingly THE 14*(THE STAR) still avail and became more of a Star, He (14) went beyond all cities, towns and villages and obtained the highest quality of life, Awards, Prestige and honor. Yet the 13 still Prove their Love, Respect, Support and encouragement and providing him the space to become the Head of the Family…. The Star Shine upon all other communities carrying his motherland Name( THE LIBERIAN INTERNATIONAL STAR) (GMW) but refuse to sent his light towards his own Home Town reasons best know to the Star(14)…

Gradually things were really upside-down in his town creating lawlessness, injustice, crimes and destruction and No Peace,,,,. This Star than became the Face of Peace Preparing himself for Kindship within His Town….. NO ONE knew his Plans and the Time but it was a wish, hope and administration of the Town People to see him Becoming KING as He was Already In the Called in the Arena…

To be continued…..
Watch out for PART 2.

Fallah Johnson

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