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Why Treat BennySoundz Like a Nobody? Bouncers Put on Disgrace Coat For Benny.

BennySoundz Had a rough time near his own countryman


Bouncers tried to push Bennysoundz off the stage’ while Davido was performing in Liberian concert. Nigerian producer Bennysoundz was spotted in a yellow hoodie, at the Davido Live in Liberia concert yesterday night. After Bucky Raw’s performance, Davido was next. As Davido started performing, It started raining, and the fans were enjoying themselves even under the rain.

The crowd started cheering as Kobazzie and Bennysoundz were approaching the stage, with the aid of the Monrovia city Policemen. Bennysoundz got on stage with Kobazzie, the crowd was too much around the stage area. The stage itself was so crowded. So the bouncers tried to drag Bennysoundz off the stage until the Monrovia city policemen interfered, and it was peaceful. The bouncers said they didn’t recognize it was Bennysoundz.

BennySoundz was taking this as an opportunity to reach near his countryman Davido but it could not have been easy for him. Trust this. It was going to be a big promotion for him in his country to have him alongside with Davido in Liberia. The producer from Uyo Itam, Akwa Ibom in Nigeria never appreciate this but had to after he was recognized and the bouncer told him sorry, but did he meet up to see Davido after all or he wanted to truly be on that stage with Davido? Only an interview with him can tell us more.

How could they have recognized him? It was clear to see that he was moving along with Kobazzie, they had no right to disturb someone walking on stage with a fellow artist, in case they were to perform a song together or he had a lead on the stage as it might have been a plan by the two to do so. The bouncers at the concert did their job but they truly never knew their job at some point but watch this video below and see what happen. Carefully watch the video and notice the guy they are pushing from where Kobazzie and Davido perform, in the yellow hoodie.



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