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Ja-redo is a serious lover boy

Girls Jaredo Date or is still dating. - Lover Boy Jaja


This sensational Liberia afro-pop and RnB artist is not taking thing easy when it comes to making new hits right after another. Jaredo who’s managed by King Jaffar of and he’s a signed artist of SOG Empire is not just a freak to the sound of beats but also a lover boy.

Sugar Kid Jaredo has been into relationships that even his the lead artist in SOG can’t compete with, maybe he’s taking after their boss who just got married, that was when he was single.. Lol. Let us see what’s popping on this young man name when it comes to girls that he dated even before he graduated from secondary school.

We will name them one by one and maybe something might just pop out in your mind while reading. Carefully look at them and their names.

  1. Charlesetta Chea
  2. Diamond Wesseh
  3. Erina Morlu
  4. Juliet Campbell
  5. Kimmie Turner
  6. Maron Sieh
  7. Olive Duarto

These are their names. The ones that are not in Liberia you truly know them by their names, but let us look at their pictures. There are other secret lovers that we are still searching for.

Now you see girls Jaredo has dated and who know who among these girls is still dating this young star. Can’t believe he’s counting this amount at this young age. Oh wow.. It’s cool to be a star. But the question here. Which one of these girls he sang the new song for. If you carefully listen to the lyrics of the songs you will be able to point the girl out from here. Let us download the song and hear What Jaredo and Kwami are talking about. Your Waist.

Download “Your Waist - Jaredo Ft. Kuami Eugene [Prod. Kwami Eugene]” Your-Waist-Jaredo-Ft.-Kwami-Eugene.mp3 – Downloaded 96217 times – 4 MB

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