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The Best Ways to Travel around Liberia


Liberia is a country with rolling coastal plains, elevated hills and mountains, tasty dishes and friendly people. However, getting around Liberia as a foreigner can be challenging if it is your first time.

Do not worry, today I am going to show you all the possible ways of getting around Liberia comfortably. Let’s begin.

You can get around Liberia either by road, air or water.


Roads are the most popular way you can travel around Liberia. You also have many options to choose from. They include:


1. Taxi

Taxis are the main form of transportation and they are in every part of the country. Prices are given by the Liberian transport union. You pay the driver only after they have dropped you off to your destination.

Usually it is four people at the back and one at the front. You can also pay for double seats for extra comfort.

If you want more privacy taxis are also available for charter at a reasonable price which is negotiable. They run within the city and also through other counties.


2. Tricycles

Like taxis, tricycles or “Kehkeh” as they are commonly called travel throughout the country but it is more expensive than the taxi. They are restricted from plying some streets and are also available for charters. You pay only when you are dropped off.


3. Buses

Buses or minivans are a cheaper way of travelling. Bus attendants commonly known as “car boys” accompany the bus driver to collect the fair and put passengers on board. Unlike taxis you pay the bus attendant before the bus take off.


4. Motorcycles

This is the most convenient form of transportation. Although they are restricted from riding on most main streets, they carry you within most communities where other vehicles can’t go.

If where you are staying is far from the main road this is your best choice for riding right at your door. You pay based on the distance and after you are dropped off. It is advisable to negotiate with the rider before you start your journey.


5. Car Rental Services

  • Metro Ride

Metro Ride is an advanced taxi booking platform designed to accommodate the travel needs efficiently anywhere in Monrovia through an on-demand mobile app.

Website: www.metrorideapp.com


  • Flash Vehicles

Flash provides high quality, reliable vehicle rentals suited to city and off-road usage. I called them “the jungle drivers”.

Website: www.flashvehicles.com


  • Cerra Automotive

Cerra operates a vast car rental and transport fleet of vehicles. In addition to their car rental services, they are able to meet a wide range of transport needs including corporate transportation and airport transfer.

Website: www.cerraautomotive-sl.com


  • Oragon Rent a Car International

Oragon supports all your transport needs, travelling in luxury and style, in tough rugged terrain, or just simply running around town.

Website: www.rentacarintl.com


  • Jason Farmington

Jason Farmington provides private limousine service for airport transfers and movements in Liberia.

Cell: +231 881 381 919


  • Power Cab

This is another Liberian owned car rental company.

Website: www.powercabinc.com


  • Express Car Rental Service

Express Car Rental is a private company categorized under Automobile Rental, with driver. They also travel in rural areas and around West Africa.

Email: expresscarrs@gmail.com



This way of travelling is not often used. It is used only to travel to various counties and serves as an opportunity to view the beautiful coastal plains of Liberia.


1. Canoe

Canoes and mini-boats are used to travel in counties with the large rivers. Maryland (Cavalla River), Rivercess (Cestos River) and Sinoe (Sinoe River) are just few to mention.

These rides can be as exciting like a rollercoaster. Needless to say, it is mostly for the adventurers. It can also be risky, so it is advisable that you come with a life jacket and take other safety measures.



This is the fastest way of travelling in Liberia. It also give you the opportunity to see the beautiful landscapes and natural features of the country. This is where you put your “drone eyes” on.


1. Liberty Aviation Group

Liberty Aviation Group Inc. provides both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft services to all 15 counties of Liberia.

Fixed wings aircraft are limited to locations with operational air or landing strips while helicopter services are available to almost any destination in Liberia.

Email: info@libertyaviationgroup.com

Website: www.libertyaviationgroup.com


Now you are familiar with all the possible ways of getting around Liberia. With this knowledge your trip is more fun and easier than the average traveler. I wish you all the best in exploring this sweet land of liberty.

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