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A gift to grace his messages – President Weah to Kobazzie


It’s not a sad story ending for the artist this year but a joyous one. The president of the Republic of Liberia presented a new Nissan to Kobazzie. Kobazzie the Lorma boy has done several songs that has made hit from all his released but this time around it was not just appreciated by his loyal fans but president Weah himself show his support as a loyal fan in promoting the young artist, the song that say, “Say No To Rape.” This took onto social media yesterday, late evening hours as people posted right after the star posted about his gift (A New Car) from the president.

Let us read what Kobazzie wrote.

In everything, put God first and all other thing will fall in its place. The people’s president has heard the message well and he remains committed to fighting gender based violence and empowering Liberian youth.

Today, I share tears of joy when I received a surprised gift from President George M. Weah. I couldn’t helped myself. What a President? I never had the thought of receiving a gift from you. Thank you Mr. President for the gift.

I always believe that you don’t have to do nothing negative to push for success. All you need is to put God first, Work hard, and do the right thing. The hard work of my team is now paying off. I’m clapping for you guys. Yes, the President and other important personalities wouldn’t have recognized my hard work if your pieces of advice were not right or in place.

This is a clear sound that our musical industry will get better. Under President Weah administration, i can assure you that our industry will shine. He does listen to all our songs. My colleagues are doing pretty good jobs as well. I’m touch by the everyday good work we are all putting in.

Mr. President, may you live long and lead us well. Liberia will get better and we will all laugh hard.

Thanks, the people’s President. I’m totally grateful for the ride.


Korte Kobazzie Bazzie

We had a lot of his friends and family posting about this and this show a something great that the president is listening to all the songs that are played out here from our musicians. The president is watching us.

Kobazzie message in this was strong and he told everyone to to put God first nothing else.

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