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Zoo Base TV went Wrong to get fans attentions. Raging a new kind of war.


Liberian entertainers, that include the musicians, actors and other best stars that are growing in Liberia seems to have rough times knowing what’s costly and is not. We notice that people nowadays will say whatsoever they wish to say on social media to gain fame and popularity all and only because they just need the likes or others fancy Emoji.

Zoo Base TV that was officially open this year to the public with the good work and best times of collaborative efforts of young guys who have the passion for entertainment. Now things are changing as these good supporters are shifting gears to a bigger thing that is drawing attention to them in another way, for which the whole industry never expected.

Yesterday on their social media platform, for which is Facebook this time, they posted about few top Liberian male artists and stated the act of them faking their watches. (An act of Gossip but it has some direct message of anger in it base on the fact that Zoo Base has a lot of hidden secrets to put out but need their platform to do that).

This never went down well with most of the fans and we guess Zoo Base was never to take stories on artists like this but as the matter gets worst, the artists are not looking at Zoo Base TV in another direction of successful stories and help but see them as a fraud to get back at them for reasons hidden under their clothes, and fans are not pleased with the act that Zoo Base TV is attacking the artists they claimed to help promote but now getting at them in a rough way.

Read the post below.

This looks more like an attack on their publishing or posts. There seems to be a problem popping up and this means another level of direction in a serious punch back.

Let’s wait for more news to Come out.

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