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J Slught Branding Gone Wrong


It’s so sadden and funny how most of our Artists still don’t understand the worth of branding yet.

Again and Again we’ve written countless of Branding Articles not for the sake of writing, having stuff dropped at our website or blogs but because we need our Artists/Entertainers to fully understand its worth.

Honestly, we still don’t understand why our artists haven’t seen the essence of us constantly having this branding thing as an essential issue of discussion, because if they did, by now they would see branding as more or like a stamp used to identify, recognize their worth and importantly help give a clearer distinction between them and other competitors.

Branding is a process of clarifying who you are as an artist and it makes a memorable impression on fans. A strong brand can capture a potential fan attention and have them remember you and connect with your work it’s just that simple.

A post from one of Liberia’s lead vocalist J Slught who’s currently at a musical festival in Sierra Leone called Ecofest Salone 2018 along with few other Liberian Artists like Stunna, CIC, and Speedo. But J Slught was noticed wearing a shirt that carries the name of one of Nigeria’s famous musician Wizkid aka StarBoy which we think is very lame. Of all the clothes in the world our artist choose to wear someone else’s brand while representing Liberia in another country.

This shirt issue has us asking too many inner questions.

Some people will say we are hating, and others will say the guy is a fan of already famous StarBoy, but wait o la on concert Davido will go wear Falz or
Mr.P T-shirt? I guess not.
Well it’s not a problem for an artist to be a fan of another, but absolutely not in such a manner. He should be promoting himself in another man’s land and not the other way around.

Imagine Davido wearing BuckyRaw’s T-Shirt at his concert come November 29, at SKD or anywhere in Liberia. [Laughs] it’s gonna be crazy right?

So, our kind advice to Mr. Slught, watch and learn how our homeboy Stunna and the rest of the guys carry on their swag flow or better still hire a dressed up artist that is if your management can afford.

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