Home Sport Liberia National Soccer team coach is a walker.

Liberia National Soccer team coach is a walker.


A land bless with freedom of everything. The Liberia national soccer team coach was spotted walking several times after training the players of the national team.

This is not right. If the president of Liberia say he’s a big fan if soccer and giving other nations teams money just for friendly match and he can’t afford to make the appointed coach of the them gets a car of of his own.

This is a serious issue. This means they don’t have this team at heart unless they want to see some old time thing they use to do.

Thomas Kojo walks home or hustle for taxi cab or Motorcycle simply pempem in Liberia to go home after training the team. Immediate passed Coach, James Debbah were given cars. What is wrong with Thomas Kojo. He needs attention too. This is not fair.

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