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The Change Played Maturity in Not Buying Beef But Inviting Others To Eat Jollof Rice With Him


The simplest things look funny but it show big differences. Maturity is a key part to building your career, knowing when to talk and when not, when to get angry and when to be happy. Christoph just made this beef of a food look like it has no taste for his mouth so he just got himself a jollof rice and call on those who ate their hot beef for themselves. He said he’s doing better things then beefing, that was amazing, that show he has better plans for the world to witness and see and better plans for his life then just music and spreading of rumors on his name by people he trusted.

Later knowing that a man has conscious, Bucky Raw came up with an apology note on Facebook, he made things right with his fellow rapper, but carefully looking at the apologies, he wrote it and took it off his wall like he never meant it and even added some lines of repeating that “He has no problem with gay.”

Is This an Apology Note? Carefully Look at this and comprehend well

But why will he call out an apology and still say things that women brought out as feelings and he took it into his rap beef or do he have extra prove to show that Christoph is a gay and he knew it well? This is were we see Hipco and Trapco trying to put their differences aside. Other fans who feels too much hate just can’t stand the songs Bucky Raw dropped on Christoph and fans stated that Bucky will pay for his act.

Fans are not happy with Bucky for his lyrics

Bloggers are blamed and bloggers were even attacked and insulted in the Bucky Raw song, showing his kind of music style, many people felt Bucky was out of control to put out lines like that, he even got in a conversational argument with one of his best female fan who always back him up and stand the by to do her promotional work for him. Believing she warned him before he even replied to any thing that was said about him and his family.

Bucky Raw Blames Others for not talking In the matter at first.

Let just say Bucky only weapon or means to fight back is just lyrically so he had no words to put out as a man but had some nasty talk flowing out on Chillor and Christoph, especially Christoph who he delt with like he’d had the man whole story Ina his hands.

Betraying of the Change was a heart broken moment for most of his fans to see that his ex’s could discuss him in such inhumanity manner and even had those conversations leak. So far that conversation seems to might have been in his opponents hands before the beef songs of Bucky Raw came out, and all the contents in the chats were just what the songs were about. Read More On That Leaked Chats

Now Bucky Raw has new enemies but has solve his problem with the old one and there are still old ones he need to make peace with. How can this be? Let’s wait and see what comes out of the fans and other artists who has respond for the Trapco legend and the Hipco rap star.

Ex of Christoph – Benita

The two ladies that was going into their private conversation are now looked at as the worst people in the industry. One a Model and the other a Blogger. People are not welcoming the idea that the Ex of Chirstoph could discuss him like this and tell his whole story out, but still as loyal fans see it and still say, “She’s jealous and wanted to make herself look good in front of the other lady cos it hurt her to see Christoph is moving on fine without her, that’s just ladies talk.”

Ex of Christoph – Delle

This battle still remains as a battle of betrayer, love, owner the ground and paying debt. It’s not just a one that can finish in less time. We see bloggers in the middle of other story, ladies secretly fighting in DM’S threatening messages are still going on and last of all, it’s has brought a little bit of separation in the the struggling industry again. It’s a time to watch your back, no one knows the next move someone is planning.

Will December break be a break of flexing or a Break of War among the females? Let us wait and see what comes out next.

Christoph might be facing a trust problem now with ladies he date cos they are not trusting any more. This is not the first time people say things like this about the guy but this time it came from his ex’s so this is way to convincing that it can’t be true. Or are they hating him more on the rumors they themselves have over heard and want to just spoil his name and by discussing him in such manner of they have prove to it as to have been involve in the act too? A lot more is still under cover and we pray that it all still just the way it is cos if more comes out then it’s gonna be an industry of war.

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