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CIC gives the reasons of his new song “Morning”


He came up on social media and wrote. CIC explains.

“So I was asked what was the inspiration behind MORNING, a song dropping off my album in November 2nd.🤔

Waking up to a whole load of beauty right next to you🌹… Seeing how God have spend his free hours putting every bit and pieces together just to make this unique creature stand out. Her sleepy face slowly free up like the rising sun, her smile that melt ice blocks, her soft tone as she say her first words😭😭😭😩😩😩

Damn….. Only thing that ran to my mind was that morning cuddle that drives the cold away and the whisper of over 1 million paragraphs of how much you love, care and adore her. An earthly God if God could permit it…

I wrote this song as a dedication to the woman I will always love and cherish (My Future wife) and all the ladies that been keeping it 100 with that guy who sees only the QUEEN side of them.

Just can’t wait to release this MASTERPIECE❣️🌹🙌🏻👑😍😘”

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