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Rape – A Major Challenge in the Liberian Society


When word “RAPE” is mentioned people go wide with a lot of unspoken words like they have never seen it happen or heard of it from the next door neighbor up to the raising offices of higher leaders and lower houses in our society. Liberians are people noted hide the ills in the society until it come out in civil crisis that will involve other international nationals to help clean up the diseases that are killing them (Liberians).

Le us Define Rape: “Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent.

And again, “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

We might have seen the most deadly diseases (AIDS) that has taken lives of thousand in Liberia and other Nations around the world but we have not seen the cure to this, yet we still let our nation to be derange by political leaders who successfully allow people of low status in other nations to come in Liberia and make decisions on how to treat our fellow citizens, misused and abuse us like we are no good to be where we are.

Our girls have turn into sex slaves before our own eyes, oyr mothers have embrace it, our oldest sisters, aunties have also teach it in their homes how the little ones can survive out of prostitution acts and how they are not just a man’s wife but men tools. We cry out for rape like it is a new thing in our society. This has been happening from day one till now, only because an international media has reported a big spread of this case act and how the little girls were infected so we all grab to this story and make celebrities posts about it and even rolled about in the street of Monrovia and make our new banners on social media perfect for the world to see we are making progress.

(The fact remains that there are rape cases we still don’t see as rape but they are rape at all level of rape and some people know it but still hiding it.)

This is just it, Rationale of statutory rape laws. Statutory rape laws are based on the premise that an individual is legally incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse until that person reaches a certain age. The law mandates that even if he or she willingly engages in sexual intercourse, the sex is not consensual.

This is not just an article for you to read but one for us to learn from. Most of you that are posting banners have been the full encouragement behind kids being rape through so many ways in this very country, we all know rape is not good it is one of the worst way for an individual to remember that they had sex with Penetration from the Anus or Virginia.

This has been one of the main reason our people allow rape to be a tradition in our society, because of poverty.

We see our boys turn to gay right before our own eyes, what do you called that? And we say nothing about it, but keep quiet, some will even say, “he’s a follower of material things,” most of you will keep calm when a government official rape a little girl or boy within the same community but keep calm and say “I don’t want to lost my life.” Do you know how many people have lost their lives but just walking like they are alive all because you who stand today could never stand up at first to help them fight for justice only because it was your father, your uncle, your brother, your mother or some older person within the society or government that rape someone child and you knew about it, some of you your own kids were rape but you compromised it because you were giving money to keep your silent.

If we must fight the case of rape we should fight it from the root. We look at the case of MTM that everyone has taken on their head and walking on the street of Monrovia and posting all over Social media. It is a great thing that we call out for justice for these kids. The act of coming together to make this happen is great, let us just hope it is for the best instead of fighting for humanitarian most people are fighting to be noticed. If you are a victim, say it out, fight with proud, speak out openly, change the situation of men sleeping with girls for jobs, men sleeping with their little boys changing them into gay, Jobs, for grades and other little things that are spoiling the society, if we could fight all together we’ll end it all at once. Rape is killing our society in all ways, from the church, schools, the community and the country at large, where we see government official dropping these young people proud to their knees and tears are all over their eyes as the walk the street of Monrovia and other places. We know them by and we will call their names out one by one. This is just the beginning of the change we are fighting for. Those men and women that are in the act of rape we will bring your down not just MTM but those evil people that are breeding it in our society.

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