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LNP Uncovers Smear Campaign to remove Hon. Patrick Sudue


The Liberia National Police has uncovered a smear campaign to remove Hon. Patrick Sudue as Inspector General.

The sponsors of the campaign are believed to be agents bent on paying pressure group in the name of advocating for the negligent release of murdered suspect Alusine Jalloh.

It can be recalled that suspect Alusine Jalloh who was arrested for allegedly murdering little Victor Fahnbulleh was negligently released by an officer assigned with the Anti-robbery unit. As a result of the negligent release, Hon. Sudue immediately launched an investigation into the matter which led to thirteen (13)officers suspended and two dragged to court and are currently at the Monrovia Central Prison.

Hon. Sudue also immediately alerted his INTERPOL counterparts of the escaping of a suspect with relevant information circulated at all border points. The LNP has also been jointly working with family members of late Victor Fahnbulleh to ensure that they are up to speed with efforts made towards the rearrest of suspect Alusine Jalloh.

However, in the face of all of these efforts, detractors of this administration who do not want to see an Hon. Patrick Sudue led Police have elected to launching a smear campaign to use such situation to call for the dismissal of this hardworking Inspector General. They have chosen to pay surrogates to protest in the name of calling for justice for the late Victor Fahnbulleh.

What is more appalling of the group’s advocacy is that they have not contacted the family of the deceased victim to ascertain the joint collaboration of the family and the Police towards the rearrest of suspect Jalloh.

We want to inform the public that the LNP is currently collaborating with the family in assuring them of our efforts to have suspect Jalloh rearrested. We also want to call on the group calling for justice for the deceased victim to contact the Police in ascertaining the efforts made so far and desist from making uninformed allegations against the person of Hon. Patrick Sudue.

This Police force under the watch of Hon. Patrick Sudue will remain very professional and people-centered and will do nothing to harm any of our citizens.

To you seeking to bring this administration down, your efforts have landed on fruitless grounds. Hon. Patrick Sudue still has room to working with you in making the LNP the police force Liberians deserve.

The meetings that you have been consistently having with the so-called protesters have leaked through our strong intelligence. Therefore, we wish to let you know that Hon. Sudue enjoys the confidence of the President and the people of Liberia.

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