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Why Sonie Gr never Talk Back on clearing her name on the media stunts and gees?


Female in Drama Over Sonie Action as a Manager

It is often said “Never allow your emotion to ruin your decisions.” –Anthony Fofana, MV, Said that. There have been lot of rumors on Sonir Gr, that she’s in a relationship with her artist, Kobbazie and she and Kobazie never signed a record deal. But she never came up to say anything.

Few females who are noted among other females in the Liberia entertainment industry came up with several live videos and post that this lady was in the act of acting like she’s different from them and other females, live video and posts as well as comments on social media saying that she’s hard to deal with, always taking herself to be a better person then other females who are in the entertainment arena among Liberians.

Due to our fast checking on Sonie Gr, we noticed that she haven’t replied to any of their open messages, she’s keeping quiet and not putting up with any of their drama. Grace Love came up on her with a live video on Facebook and address some issues that seems out way out of the way. Let see what she said. Watch carefully.

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This whole thing must have a baseline. We saw post from Cece Maintain as well and it went on like she know more about Sonie Gr and even said Sonie Gr and DJ weezy is in a relationship. If she said this, then it means she must have prove to this but we never saw anything coming up, like she had a picture of chat of conversation to prove and we openly know that Cece Maintain is manage by DJ weezy

Sonie Gr Manager Ability (Where the whole story that to change around)

As a productive Manager who was managing Eric Geso, she played her part and he, Eric signed a deal that later was terminated due to him not following the terms of agreement in which came about the trip to Australia, that trip that brought eyes on him all over Liberia and every other part of the world that Liberians are. Eric and DJ Flex who hosted him in Australia decided to take his share of the money instead of giving up the actual deal which he (DJ Flex) was charged by Sonie Gr who was the manager at that time, she charged him $7000.00 United State Dollars but to some source on whisper, Eric and the DJ Flex split the money and Eric was given $2000.00 USD.

A mother of two boys who happens to have herself into business and knows the law of business and how contracts are made, decided to address the issues but it was not that easy to be address, there came so many rumors that the artist Eric Geso said he had no record agreement with Sonie Gr as a signed Artist to be manage by her. As Eric is about to take a tour in the United State we are hearing that she’s waiting for him to get on the ground to pay her all the money she invested into this man and this will be Eric going to face the law in the United State base on the document he signed.

Look through the Gallery of Eric Geso Contract.

The above images are signed document of Eric Geso and his former Manager Sonie. This prove that she has all right and certain percentage on every events and programs that Eric generates funds from. Now that Eric Geso is about to get on his hopefully tour to the USA, he’s in fear that this will back down on him as rumors is spreading that Sonie will have him in court for her money that was not paid for all this while and other agreement that he broke and it happens to be that Eric always pointed out to fans and other media reporters that he had no contract with Sonie, all she said was a lie.

Few days ago we notice that Eric Geso was all into the matter of Duke Blac who give his music out and he will get Blac arrested for being unprofessional, this was one of a drama on Facebook of recent and this brought a flash back the memories of what happen to Eric and Sonie. Why is Sonie still having on her page “Hard Head Boy Fan Page.”

My MCW is no other then my super start Lib. Finist Ericgeso Hardheadboy. He’s humble, caring, loving and a gentlemen. He’s not only my artist, he’s also my son, my little brother and most of all my friend. He has my back and I most definitely have his.. will miss you ooohhhh. But My money finish it’s time for me to Go Home

The were few publication about this and the news went down, as of lately, there have been several posting and live video and insulting posts from other ladies who claimed that they know more of Sonie then she know herself, Female popular Talk show host, Cece Maintain who said Sonie was in an affair with her manage Amb DJ Weezy, who’s also the Manager of PCK and L’Frankie, two of Liberia top artists, and we saw that DJ Weezy said nothing about this when she, Cece posted this on Facebook. Grace Love and Lady T too came at Sonie on other issues but Sonie kept quiet. Cece Maintain who happens to have worked with Sonie before claimed that she have prove that Sonie and DJ Weezy is in a relationship not just any one but a sexual relationship. We heard nothing from the guy in this post.

Cece Maintain replied to comments on Facebook.

Screen shoot of the conversations have been collected secretly without anyone knowing how it was gotten we see that there are lot of conversations that Sonie and Weezy had and nothing seems to be relating to relationship or having any sexual conversation except the one that stands to say this which draw out more concern as to why will people want to do this especially the woman that DJ Weezy is managing and she’s trying to frame him in a sexual relationship with someone that has nothing to do with him on that aspect.

As we all know it is all ladies stuffs but to a conclusion to this whole drama between these ladies, there seems to be a back stabber on each of them from our observation we have noticed through the comments on the various posts. (More Loading).

“Family Tree can bend but it can’t break.” Her last visit to Liberia she took a picture with Eric an everyone felt all was well settle between them. Was it or is it?

Let us look at the present progress of Kobazzie as he’s presently manage by Sonie Gr, who’s living in the USA and is making sure this artist gets successful through his music game. Kobazzie attended shows in the USA, and it was successful because of the managing team he have and to face the fact this lady knows what she’s doing so far in this Entertainment game, she made it possible that Kobazzie went to Australia on a tour and he returned, went to the USA and he’s back. With all the sayings and rumors that has been spreading about her, this catches the eyes of other fans to truly know this woman better, this is where Gossip Liberia comes in and decided to do it’s background investigation as to who this lady actually is.

This could be the reason why ladies attack Sonie for their lover boy Kobazzie when she posted about the “wedding invitation”

This lady have gone as far as assisting other female who are presently attacking her on social media and even given them the chance on her shows to be be host to her red carpet event and co-host programs she had in the past and aided financially when constrain.

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