From 1847 through the freedom of liberty taking glimpses at the 11 strips and making sure all red and white had blues, our country remains all we have and cherish, even as poverty sweeps us off our feets like dust over sand we stand with empty bellies and firm minds hoping on skyscrapers as we watch corruption squanders the views. This is beyond fancy words and loudmouths filled with promises, being professional with poverty.

The Coup cut off ears and blood revealed tears for years when the famous drums of war were sounded across the nation, we still kept the faith understanding that we don’t make peace but rather accept the idea of control which cannot be mastered.
Liberia survived the kickbacks of Ak47s and RPGs made unique reputations for the kids under 5.

Pregnant women became perfect bides for bets as the stomach grew in the eyes of the rebels while resourceful buildings resisted bombings and bullets consistently.

At least casualties summed up to a huge minus 5 for our loving, wonderful, and good looking green coast glittering with fatal attractions.

Rumor has it we need billions to recover from over a decade of unspeakable bombarding, meanwhile, a container was reported missing capacitating overs billions of our own Liberian dollars during such a Pro-Poor time while the US exchange rate strikes us high.

Indeed disloyalty landed knockout punches on the face of our economy, making it Bleed for about 14 years to begin recovery from mass destruction.

Nevertheless, we are aware that we empowered those that shattered our mama Liberia, understanding that there were thousands of us dollars worth of ammunition donated by one who once held the highest seat our loving country Liberia.

Now that definitely sparks up something, if we are able to now tell stories of dark times we’ve seen then this is all just a part of a very interesting chapter we are about to flip. Let’s not let go, let’s not see the government as our only source of survival let us take our Liberian lives as a challenge that we can do nothing but conquer, hope for change is something we all have to build up into deep dungeons of our hearts.

And find better routes to development starting with ourselves. Wait a minute hold up, remember if Mama Liberia could survive all of these torments we can accomplish anything with positive mindsets and save Liberia Today.

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