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The Worship Experience 2018, USA Mary Land.


It been over years since we heard of our 2006 Star is born. He’s now in the USA making highlights and banging new Gospel songs in every corner. Moses Sawray is not just an ordinary man in the Liberia music game or the history of music in Liberia. He has touch souls with his voice and kind words in Praises to God in singing.

It’s going to be another exclusive worship moment with him on the 20th of October, 2018 as he gets The Worship Experience 2018 on set. The host of this program is no other person but Micheal Obodozie, along side Moses Swaray we have other great African artists that will be performing, artists from Nigeria and other African nations. Uche Agu, Joe Praize, Marion Cassell, Fritz Oakley, Jada Mayson, and Aaron Kawreh.

Come and hear the messages of the Lord your God in Praises from great voices of artists from Liberia and other African nations.

The flyers below tell us more. Read for more details as to how to get to this program.

Listen to the video and watch.

This event is one of its kind, a lot of great things going to be happening out there. Come and encounter the great words of and give praise to his Holy name.

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