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Lone Star Train in Brazzaville for Match.


Lone Star Complete Second Training Session in Brazzaville, as three additional players arrive
The national team, Lone Star have climaxed their second training session at the Alphonso Massambat-Debat Stadium ahead of Thursday’s game against the Republic of Congo.

The team arrived early this morning at the Congolese national stadium with Kpah Sherman and Joel Johnson joining the squad for their first training session after arriving yesterday evening.
According to the weather forecast, the temperature this morning during the training was 27°C, mostly cloudy, quite different from yesterday’s cold weather condition after a short spell of rainfall.

Minutes after the team disembarked the bus at the hotel, we witnessed the arrival of an additional three foreign-based players including, Sam Johnson, Anthony Laffor and Boison Wynney de Souza. Team skipper William Jebor is expected to arrive tomorrow.

Source: @liberian_players_outside @ Liberia

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