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DJ Weezy on Cook Pot


This is the situation in Liberia. Big artists are still boiling their food on coal and sometimes don’t be surprise on fire wood.

Those that are in the celebrity life can’t afford all to make their life smooth and lovely, reasons they are not involve in the stealing from government bug just do what they are born to do. This is Amb. DJ Weezy, cooking at home.

This was what he posted on his Facebook page.

“Myself cooking 2day
LIB Living, to eat we have to cook on Coal pots😂😂😂
Plz I nah wan too much visitors ooo. Kelvin Ace Batener stay 2 yor house😂😂😂😂
Pillz we will have lay meeting 2morrow not 2day as planned😂😂😂.”

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