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The Reminder


By: Beulah Nimene

We all have said “Education is the key” For once I’d be repetitive like my dad and say it again. It is the key to unlock any door, to soar like eagles and shoot beams of hope.
To be free from the bondage of mediocrity and stagnation. To conquer Every obstacle and mental limitation. To brace The storms of life and sail on seas of knowledge without fear of failure. To build Our societies and ourselves too.

Education is the key to open our minds and challenge our beliefs to wisdom. Like gold it is priceless A jewel we must all possess It gives the knowledge we need to strive Education is the source of life. In a battle of who rules over our minds Ignorance has built a wall of thorns and sat her throne at the center of our hearts but with the power of education we can regain our rights to rule again.
For we fight not for our bodies but for our minds. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Making us believe what you don’t know can’t harm you.Yet when harm happens, it is because we don’t know enough.

Education is the source of freedom Emancipating us from the cage of limitations. It helps us understand “why” and “how”, no more content with just “what.” Like the sun; the power of knowledge is never hidden. Though so precious, it is up to you to acquire.
The one thing you can share and never lose The only wealth you know goes to the grave with you. Mind you, education is something you can never get too much of. Let us use our keys to unlock inspiration for others to lead others from the darkness of ignorance, as we know the difference. Today I’ll remind us, if anything… Education is the key.

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