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80’s Turn to 08 – The past and the present in remembrance to 14 years of Civil War in Liberia


Remember Our Past Then We will Know Our Future And Protect it.

Liberians be careful! The alert of War was like this in the 80’s for rice, now it’s Money in 08.

The number only turned around. Our leaders might just be playing some kind of game, even though we know money got lost but we should be careful in taking sides before we ruins this nation to some kind of ghost town.

If you don’t know a soup scent when it’s burning then you normally don’t stay home to get serve when the food is hot!

Everyone is pulling somebody and somebody got another body to call upon. Let us be careful with this money issue. These same leaders witness 14 years of war and none of their family member were killed brutality, they that called themselves politicians, some killed innocent people, supported the killing of their citizens, some of them paid for weapons, while some were the ones doing the main killing.

Remember when they kept on talking about war crime court, they came up with all sought of bad sayings and threatening remarks to put the people of Liberia in total fear not to every try talking about War Crime Court or Economic Crime Court.

Let us be warn as to whom we follow or how we react to situations affecting us right now or else it will truly affect us for another century to come Cos we haven’t healed from the first wounds but yet recovering!

A called out to Musicians, Actors, Promoters, Youths Leaders, Business Takons, and Liberians in general, in and out of Liberia. If we don’t act carefully we will regret our actions for the rest of our lives!

“A hint to a wise, is finding better solution to a problem.”

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