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8 Great Steps Towards In Succeeding you Dreams

It’s not that you set your goals too high that make you not successful, it’s because you set your goals too low and hit. Then you start to fight to reach up. Focus on yourself not others. You have to believe in yourself and invest your all into yourself.
Create that passion that make you want to get up and do something productive for you and the people you called your family. If that passion is in you that you don’t see sleep as a means to rest but you see objective and task as a thing to complete as plan then you are reaching towards success.
People will not always believe in you, they wont always, their will always be unstable trust or believe in what you doing.This is the hardest part,because you will have people who will come to help but most time they wont stay for long cos they have learn what they came for and it’s time to see how hard it is moving alone again, but that’s success.
That moment when the weather can’t permit you to get doing what you need to step out to do, that moment where you can’t see roads to take a path. These time are troubling. Time where people who decided to help you can’t help, this is the time you are in your prime, those moment of total decisions making that makes your brain burn high and all you notice all the stress of this time is just a grateful time.
We need people who will disrupt us towards our dreams. The people are true motivation, these are people who will tell you “it’s not going to work this way. “it’s not possible that this dream work for you when you can’t afford.” These people are the biggest challenge, they will always be with you no matter what cos their words will always be in your head to push you or let you live to what they said so they can tell you tomorrow. “I Told You.”
Growth need this, this is the part that destroy you in one second if you always want the best to come out of what you do. This part is hard to deal with if you are not a dreamer but just a sight looker. This kill you, make you change from good to bad, to worst and to critical as they have pointed to you.
Learn to move, get along, abject no matter what. There are too many people doing what you doing, so this might make you feel like you not going to make it cos you have a vision that a lot of people have but one thing you are forgetting is that your goals are different. Learn that nobody is better then you, be commanding, put the whole dreams of you into yourself and live it as you wear your cloths and it fit you and only you. See no one above you or making better then you then you. Count you five cent as five hundred, count your five hundred as five thousand. When you look at things this way you are truly getting along.
Never settle for the less, don’t let people beat you down on your goals, visions and principles. Set your standard and die by it. You are as strong as your words if you stand up to be proud of who you are.
My piece of advice is, be truth to yourself, listen to other peoples opinion and respect them, their have to be computation but make a commitment to be true to what you dream of. That’s my rules to success.
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