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My Liberian Girl

My Liberian Girl

By: Beulah Nimene

Our ability to fight doesn’t make us strong
Our ability to conquer does
All my life I’ve lived, I’ve never seen a stronger woman than a Liberian woman.
She appears in so many size shape and color.
She’s not limited by her environment neither does her trouble shape her world.
She’s a market woman selling in waterside to provide for her children.
She shout buy my bunny, just so her child can have a little money.
She’s the one who plaits hair, with every braid reminding her of the bills she has to pay.
She’s the one in school being teased for sleeping in class but little do they know, she had to get up early to bath her young ones.

She’s the one in a coat suit that’s being harassed by her boss.
Sleep with me he says or you won’t have a place.
She’s also the one at home taking care of her children but still being abused by the fool she calls her husband.
She can’t leave, how would she? The love for her children causes her to stay.She’s the graduate of a university with beauty and brains that could change the world.
She’s also the one that cries herself to sleep for she has been raped and abused too many times.
There she is again selling in the street, with her only wish to go to school.
She’s the one that seeks to learn yet has the ability to inspire.
Her journey is long yet her arrival is sure.
She’s a mother a daughter and a friend.
She’s the breadwinner of the family even at her young age.
She’s stronger than you would ever know, her heart is made of gold.
She’s talented and smart, filled with wisdom beyond your know.
She’s fearless, like a warrior she clothes with an amour made of love.
She’s unique in every way
She proves that everyday
She’s a Liberian and she’s loved

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