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The Good Woman. Take and be Bless.


Admire productive women, determine ladies, focus minded women. Those ladies that know 1+1 is equal to 11. They multiply your hustle and make your dreams come through. They stand by you and correct your wrongs, they never pretends to love you, they grow your little and manage your less.


Women Ability

They care for your family, they put God first in your relationship, they don’t look back at your mistakes and use them against you, rather they help you correct your past. They show you love, they come to you wherever you are. My brother if you ever find one like this never let her go, don’t look for beauty, big butt, big breast, complexion or riches. She’s the one who’s suppose to help you. Eve destiny came to her, but she never left the side of Adam no matter the sufferings they went through.



If you find a woman who fear God and ladies if you find a man who fear God take to that person and never let go. Don’t look too much that you your self can’t give. Accept and be satisfy!

Man and woman came and saw all that was created. A broken heart is like a scatter foundation, it takes another plan to built it up again. Be careful when putting others past on the present situations you are in, never allow the past to affect the present!

Ladies don’t go for people who already have it all, it’s good but you must be prepare to manage it. Adam and Eve had it all but lost it together and fought life together. Who are you if you claim to be child of God and judge a man by his situation and say you can’t stay and wait. Women you are a helper. That’s what you are. Define a helper and see how Great you are to a man!

The Way Of God Never Change

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