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Nuchie Meek got the attention of Liberians


Falling in love is a great thing for any human or any creature that God created. Nuchie Meek (Siakor Nuch Dogba Yassah) is in love and it’s no secret to be hiding and asking who it is. After Lyee Bility, CEO of Bilikon Ent said that Nuchie is his favorite rapper, people had a lot to say but there was a lot under it. Let see how it all started.

Nuchie is a Trapco and Hipco artist who’s with Swag District. In 2016 he started making his name from under ground level till today, he’s compare with other hit artists around town as one of the best rapper from his generation. Nuchie is not the type that people see with ladies but he’s the type that has secret relationship going on within the industry. Guess that’s a great news for the media to do their research, that is if they already know his personal promoter.

His recent musical video, “This is Liberia” he dropped is a bomb and it is way too classic the video pattern was organized according to his lyrics. This video is out and ready to be view.

The Liberian Influence has a love affair with him and that person is no other but Benita Urey, she’s in a secret relationship with the Hipco and Trapco artist that is  growing so good. She’s his biggest fan right now. Love is in the air again and this time it’s celebrity loving. What will her ex think or say? This is a real gees…. Nuchie this is no more a secret.. The Gossip is out..

Fans have your say and let’s see how much you know Nuchie Meek.

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