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Liberians in Niger – Help Call Out


This is an urgent call to the President of Liberia and any and everybody that is in contact with the President. Liberians in Niger are suffering and need our help. Over a decade ago, thousands of Liberians fled the country in hopes to save their family from the ongoing civil war in Liberia that caused the death of thousands of Liberians from the capitol city to Maryland county. Countries like the United States, Ghana and Algeria have welcomed Liberians and offered them a place of refuge, but now things are going bad. According to refugees, they have been deported from Algeria with no place to turn. When an individual is deported, they are normally sent back to their country, but this was not the case for these refugees. They were left in a desert at the border of Niger and Algeria and had to find their way to the capital city of Niger.

They left horrible conditions in Algeria to move to worse conditions in Niger. Our sources informed us that there were other nationalities amongst them but their government rescued them and they are now back home with their families. Where is the Liberian government? These people need help! With no living area, no clean bathrooms and basically no money to survive, these people need our help. Please tune into The Costa Show tomorrow at 8:30am as The Liberian Influence alongside Lorenzo Harmon, cry for help for our Liberian brothers and sisters suffering in Niger.

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