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Senatorial Decisions – Careful Mistakes!


If I should visit the constitution of Liberia, Hon Saah Joseph is going by the law that states his action to run as Senator and if the competence of DJ Blue is being argue by many then I must raise my hand up as a citizen of Montserrado County, to say he has all right to be the senator for this county.

Be careful in Electing:

Liberians most of you don’t understand what it takes to govern but you understand what it takes to rule. A nation has many crisis that holds it up or down and these crisis come from within the House of Senate! A hint to the wise.

Masses Interest:

Many of us are attracted to what these two great citizens has done for Monserrado County as it is what we are discussing right now. Bernard and Joseph are not ordinary men who has no impact on the society. One is Ebola giant and the other is Entertainment Weight lifter. There is a big influence on the Entertainers side as well as the humanitarian side, but none of them were humility as they seems. Donors, funds and profit gain was all part of their game. Look carefully before putting the country capital city, county in the wrong hands.

President Interest:

Even God has his favorite so who are you the followers to denied the fact that the president see this man capable of doing the job that the president, former Senator was occupying.

Bad Campaign:

The masses are complaining that those who are running their campaign to be senators for the both counties are not going around people who need to now them better but rather going to people who are already their friends. Many said “This By-Election will be a mess because turn up will be poor.” Selfishness is too much in the candidates.


Think wise Liberians, the government is the one responsible for the spending not the individual who’s running for the position, if we must vote we must vote to help add to our cupboard not to reduce what is already there for another purpose. Other people are capable to the job.

A hint!

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