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NPP drop Out CDC Wins By Election.


Yesterday was a by election for two counties in Liberia. Montserrado and Bong County. If you don’t know why, this is it. The present president of Liberia, George M Weah was the past Senator of Montserrado County and the Vice President was the Senator of Bong County.

Over the past months people been waiting for this by election that was to be held before five months of the present government, but it went out in the six months.

Liberians had a poor turn out at the centers for voting and finally the race was over, NPP lost the vote in Bong County and CDC won the vote in Montserrado county.

Looking at the security system put into place and means of transportation it was not good at all. People were pushing NEC cars to get at their destination and the voting boxes were carry at night on people head to get it to the destination were it was to be kept for counting or submission to NEC.

Liberian Government need to work harder in doing better then the best.

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