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MC Caro Awarded Pillz with Gratitude


Several days after rumors spread about Pillz posting on her wall that she’s no longer going to be doing music again; other media platforms took the story and made gist out of it. Many said because MC Caro is now booming so it’s like she(Pillz$ feels insecure about the fact that everyone is running after MC Caro. Most of the fans forgot that Pillz got MC Caro into the game, and she can’t hate her newly. After a day or two of rumors about Pillz post she came back and told them how she’s just playing with them.And give them something to worry about. Yesterday at 11pm, MC Caro posted and appreciates Pillz. Read Below“Ok it’s been almost a month n I have been saying it privately but today I want d world to know how greatfull i am to u n to many others They say Liberian artist are ungreatfull but I don’t think is all of em cuz this spot where I am today u give it to me Pillz it takes a real artist who has real love for d game to showcase another talent and u didn’t mind d fame that I’ll get or d crowd not to talk about money that is on its way u show me to d word n give me thousands of fans and for this I’m greatfull just want u to know #ursfavourite #MC #caro”

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