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Liberian men, we need to stop stereotyping our women! – Strong Ghana Pekin Writes


In just over a week, two prominent Liberian women have been stereotyped because of their appearances at a certain point in time. This attitude on the part of some Liberian men is wrong.

First, it was Saifuah Mai Gray, an educated and goal oriented young Liberian woman who was stereotyped because she wore a swimsuit on a beach. Now, the topic has been directed at Amb Kanvee Adams because of recent pictures she posted on social media. Critics comments were directed at her hairstyle, makeup and exposure of her cleavage. Some of the comments against the lady were very demeaning and irresponsible.

Now, here’s the thing: A woman, whether a circular or religious personality has the right to express herself in any fashion she feels comfortable with. Once that fashion does not violate the laws of the land, it is her her perrogative to decide how she expresses herself through her appearance. I know the argument from critics will be, “But Kanvee is a gospel singer”. Being a female gospel musician does not tie a lady to ancient forms of dressing. In fact, the pictures of Kanvee below is an evidence of an over-the-top self esteem. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those pictures and in fact, it shows a lady though being married, is still able to have herself well kept and up-to-date. These pictures have given me the opinion that Kanvee is one of the most beautiful ladies in the Liberian Music industry.

Liberian men, apart from normal jokes that we do on Social Media, we have to stop stereotyping Liberian females on all levels. If we want to judge women based on morality, it should be at the same standards as men. When a young Liberian man finds a job, he fought for or deserve it, but when a young Liberian woman get a job, she slept with someone to get it. When a male Liberian entertainer expose himself bare, he is sexy or is given pass because of the artist brand, but when a Liberian female entertainer does likewise, she is branded negatively. Those kinds of negativity directed at Liberian females are not just stupid, but obnoxious. It is time that we look at our Liberian women from a different perspective. As globalization has become the world order, it is imperative of Liberian males to know that there will be cultural integration. This means, fashion, lifestyle and cultural practices from other nations will have to be integrated and accepted in our society. Liberia is not a religious state; even if a personality is attached to a particular religion. Our women should be our pride, and must be given applause for even maintaining their beauties in accordance with international social norms. Stereotyping them will only limit their abilities to compete with women from other nations and make our society culturally dormant. We must seize on the opportunities that despite our limited economic resources, our girls and women are still able to rise up and be up to par with women from nations of higher economic advantages. Liberian women are beautiful and we need to encourage them to be what they want to be in terms of expressing themselves through fashion and lifestyles.

Liberian men, we need to stop stereotyping our women!!!!!!


Varney Anasters Teah commonly known as Strong Gbana Pekin is a Social Scientist, Comedian and Advocate; Political Columnist and Motivational Writer. He is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA and can be reached at varneyteah82@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: All Soical, Political or Motivational opinion pieces written by Mr. Teah is void of second or third part influences. It is strictly the views of Mr. Teah and how he sees the particular issue at the moment.

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