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Five Biggest Liberian Celebrities Social Media Mistakes


By: DJ Weezy The Boss

Celebs have a lot at stake when they decide to post a quirky update on social media.

While most of their posts pass off without incident, Liberian Celebrities have all made some embarrassing mistakes on social media.

The Liberian stars like other superstars around the world love to shine online but sometimes they should think twice before opening up in front of millions.

There are several Liberian celebrities that endured major backlash. Here are five that had me talking throughout last year:

1. Liberian Celebrities continue to allow their fans scratch their heads after posting an image that they will be attending an event and they don’t show up.

2.Liberian Celebrities will be on social media doing a free advertisements of a particular brand unknownly to themselves. For example, wearing Star Condom Shirt n posting picture on social media.

3.Most Liberian Celebrities are on social media responding to everything. Are you your own Manager or Publicist?

4. Only in Liberia our Superstars will use their main facebook accounts then their professional pages. As a result of that Liberian Celebrities are not making use of branding.

5. Only in Liberia our Artists are so accessible on Social Media. They are interested only in facebook and not making use of all other social media platforms.

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