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The most precious Birthday Message Liberia female artist give her boy friend on his Bday


Leh me clear my throat first hmmmmmmm_hmmm

OK I ready na:

Dear Serious and most prefer boyfriend, I wanna firstly say happy birthday sweetie.. You know I’m so happy that since I met you last June you’ve managed to #Hack my heart ♥, and #Blog my Mind 😂… you have become my personal #hard-drive and since then you have been safe keeping my personal information ( life story ).. I really pray that our #USB cable (hearts) never have a shock ever cause it is with it we share this ultimate love 😍 and I also pray that the #Central processing unit which stimulates that burning desire for each other never malfunction cause it is because of you I have been able to # #visualize our future… I wanna promise you that no matter the difficulties we might face in keeping the # #projector that is meant to #PowerPoint our lives story to others on, I’ll never give up on us… I love you with both my #hardware and #software 😂 😂…… And I’m happy that you’ve corrupted my life with your #virus that no man #antivirus is strong enough to break through 😂… Ain’t no #VGA cable gonna steal our #extension cord that is meant to extend our relationship… wanna wish you a happy birthday my choice and may my #mouse never stops pointing at you 😂.. And just to add we turned 12 months old this month…

I said it and I meant it, I did not write thesis statement just to say happy birthday 😂 😂.. In fact I hate plenty writing baynay.. I love my boyfriendmhn.

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