This is a sad love ending of a heartless woman. Observing this relationship it been a one with too many struggle for the gentle man. Pinky killed Morris after a fight over a call from her Boy friend that he was coming over. As rumors is spreading the boy friend of this lady called Pinky is Nigga Blow.

The famous artist who sang the song “Old Fire Trunk na hard to catch.” The one who describe the ladies face as “Old tooth brush.” This lady in the picture came from the club with her expected husband Morris, he was drunk, could not make his way home because his car was giving problem.

He asked her to allow him sleep over but she refuse, and this is the

Messages of him chatting with a friend all in the name of Pinky

place he was renting for her, feeding her and managing all her affairs, but she said no and as they could not agreed with each other decision she took a knife and got him stabbed and killed.

Messages of him chatting with a friend all in the name of PinkyShe too took wounds and for some reasons no one knows how she got wounded if it was Morris if she did that to her self to escape justice for killing a man. She’s presently at the hospital taking treatment. Let’s wait and see how the story ends.

This is a sad love story and a lessons to learn from. With

direct observation this was no love for the late Morris.

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