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Classic Gang is Yung Classic


The name Yung Classic is a not just a name mention in doors any more but a name everywhere in the city of Monrovia and the whole country (Liberia) at large. A Liberian born artist who was once with Heart Beat Record is now blooming in the music game like a wide flower. A personal friend to the late Quincy B, a friend to Feouls and Homeboy Jethro. This was his circle back then but now it’s like he’s raising to a new height that seems brighter then the old one.

Classic Gang is going international and this is his record label name. It’s a record label that has it’s first President as a female and her name is Miracle Gbayee. She’s a comedian and a business woman (Entrepreneur)base in the United State of America. A lady with her own Money Union transfer and receiving services in Liberia and the USA. This means Classic Gang got more juice to be among the international stars.

At first This Classic Gang was just a fan club of the rapper Yung Classic, who’s a Hipco rap star but now it seems like this dream was way bigger then expected as it has reach a label record with such a high personality in the industry to lead it.

As the only artist (Yung Classic) of this label record (Classic Gang) is expected to get in collaboration with some international artists from around the world, through the connection of the label record president. She stated that it’s her duty to see that the artist reach where he want and make sure he represent Liberia everywhere around the world.

This means their going to be a lot of international collaboration and this gonna boast the view of Liberian music around the world. He’s not just going to sing any more to get fans but this time his voice will convert his music into cash.

Jacob Carter Smith known as Yung Classic is the first and only artist of Classic Gang. Yung Classic was born March 27, 1990. Over the past years of his creative work in the music game he (Yung Classic) was able to dropped 2 Mixtapes

1. My Thoughts and

2. Skinny Nigga With Swag

Not just this he also have a lot of singles which he feature lots of too Liberian top stars, like his late best friend, Quincy B, Christoph, and the list goes on and on.

Not forgetting to mention this year (2018) the artist just release his first classic video, title “Holding the ground,” which is trending all over the World Wide Web (www) on every blogs, YouTube Channels and social media platforms.

The president of Classic Gang, Miracle Gbayee said her artist is going to drop a new album called “Risen” and a new single with 2 videos.

It’s time to keep your eyes open on the Gang Cos it’s like he’s about or has already start counting his Dollars in thousand and very soon you won’t have to see him like just a Liberian artist who sing only for Liberians but for the world at large. Get ready for Classic Gang.

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