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Who’s Owning Corruption Now? The country ask.Declare you assets Mr. President 


Formal President Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was question around years back about her hospital own in South Africa and people called her names and insulted the president that she’s corrupt and was not doing anything for the country but in so doing that money was likely from her own pocket cos she never built such hospital when she was president of Liberia.

Looking at her successor, President George M. Weah who got a successful presidential turn over from the first female head of state (Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) is now blowing things out of proportion in the peoples mind as they all are wondering why the president should be developing his homes, demolishing his old house to rebuild it just a week after he was pronounced as president and now he’s dedicating a newly revamping market to his wife (in her name) and has a private jet that they country know nothing off, on how it is fuel or who give it to him and he has not declare his asset but yet claim to run a government as a “Pro Poor government. As the definition of Pro Poor, it states: Propoor growth is a term used for primarily national policies to stimulate economic growth for the benefit of poor people (primarily in the economic sense of poverty) also propoor policies are those that directly target poor people, or that are more generally aimed at reducing poverty.

The citizens are complaining and it is becoming a problem as other political parties members are shifting blames on those who voted the Cidicians and other coalition parties to get this present government in power.

These are things the people request from our president.

  1. How he got his new jet
  2. Why he’s developing his old homes and new ones when he got in power
  3. Why name the rehab market after his wife
  4. Why did he name his entertainment center Jamaica Resort
  5. Why he don’t want to declare his assets?

Liberians are asking too many questions to the president just in few months of him being president and they need answers. Please Mr. President go and answer these questions and other related questions they have for you.

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