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Is Honorable Saah Joseph Boastful?


District #13 of Montserrado County Representative Hon. Saah Joseph who is widely looked at as a humanitarian or philanthropist who helped fight the Ebola war, helping sick people and even have Liberians on scholarships are now been discussed as a boastful man. The rumors is spreading that he has huge liabilities that he has not paying attention to over the years. On social media people are posting that he’s owing AMEU, UMU and MVTC, he’s owing these institutions and is not paying the students arrears for which he’s responsible for.

As it was over sighted that he’s responsible for more then 100 students to be school drop out all because he refuse to pay his debt that he has incurred at those institutions, most especially AMEU and UMU.

If this gossip is real and has fact in it as it is relating to the work force, that these students went on on Honorable Benoni Urey’s farm to work and labor just for their arrears to be paid but when this money reached Honorable Joseph the money was not use for the intended purposes.

As a hero of ebola we hope this rumors that is spreading is not true, we know that people will like to get on their opponent back to bring them down but most gossips has true in it. Mr. Honorable please if this is true, then please go and get these great citizens who believes in you back to school.


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