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Da Vero Ex Warn Her. What A WoW!Da Vero Ex Warn Her 


Eating what is not yours can be sweet, taking another man/woman thing can be juicy but when the source of the juice finish it has another taste. Da Vero was warned by her Ex (Easzy Lee) to stop sending pictures of him and her (Da Vero) to his girl friend. This is crazy, two girl friends for one guy.

This is what he wrote on his Facebook Wall by 10:39 PM May 26, 2018

“My Liberian people ur please tell this ur hopojo call herself Da Vero to stop in boxing calling and sending photos off she and myself to my woman.. This may look childish or some other way but it’s very very serious… am just doing this right now so that people da know and like her to please tell her to stop n forget me.! because the next time she will do this the tin i will post on Facebook for her, women in Liberia will not like to see me.. she not d only on i fuck or have something to do with in LIB so your tell her ooo Ok. I have absolutely nothing to do with her Real Talk..!!

This is the real post from Easzy.

If you carefully look he added a lot of pictures to show Da Vero sexiness. What A Wow She’s sexy.

If this warning was good then he was not to put the status down but it is presently down cos some friends might have warn him that he went too far and seriously if you could have seen the comments, Da Vero was not barking down and one of her friends called Ruth too was all in the fires, even though she was called named too.

But will Da Vero leave this like that? Her fans are asking that question.



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