When we define the medicine we say, “Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever. This medication, Tramadol is mostly used to treat moderate to severe pains. The extended-release form of tramadol is for around-the-clock treatment of pains.”

It is clearly explain in the first sentence above cos that’s just the giving definition for the medicine. Noticing Liberians are now complaining about this medicine been giving out to their children from the nearest drugs stores and pharmacy, I will honestly be clear to point this question out.

Do we think Liberia or Liberians need Tramadol?

I can’t answer that for you because it is left with you to decide if we need this medicine. But let me give you some instant on this medicine and why most people are now taking it as their everyday medication.

As we look at the rate of people complaining from this medicine affecting their children I will estimate that 45% of the youths are involving themselves in the act of drugs abuse in Liberia. If you think I am lying or the percentage is so low or high I will be happy to see to it that people start sharing their views under this post.

We complain that we have a lot of narcotic in the country that are destroying the lives of our citizens and up till now from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government till present in the Pro Poor government we haven’t learn to take precaution on how to prevent such thing among 4.7 Million people (Citizens) but rather we just talk and at the end of the day we notice that another drug has been abused by our citizens.

Let See What’s the Main Course of Drugs Not Getting Away

A nation that gain independent as the second black nation in the world since the 18 century has yet to give account on how it’s own citizens can live or die that is how can a person life last longer by living in Liberia. The creative mind are many and the ones that are to invest in it are many as well but the fact remains the same from 1847 till now. The people got traumatize(lasting shock as a result of an emotionally disturbing experience or physical injury) when they first could not get their rights been looked at, they fought civil wars and this was the fight that lasted for 14 great years, and we (Liberians) lost  250,000 people because of the injury felt on the hearts of unsatisfied citizens and greedy leaders, at that time our population was just 2.097 million people and that was estimated to be between the 1990’s.

We look at our present nation as a bless one among all other nation but we lost our heritage to the westerners and other Negros who claim not to be Africans but Americo-Liberians. Due to this the constants habit of drugs abuse has not stop coming into our country. The act has been from the head to the tail knowing that this is affecting the lives of poor people and destroying homes and the society at large. With a GDP $2 we still can’t see that the mind of the people are going back to 1990’s but this time they are fighting with them self. We could talk about this over and over but one thing we should understand is that narcotic will always be around cos the leaders see it as a means to continue suppressing the people they called their citizens and drug abuse will always claim high so they can continue relying on the international support for aid.

A country at a glance of what is to be like with corruption that is as high as 79% and personal Freedom as high as 83%

  • GDP Growth: -1.6%
  • GDP per Capita: $500
  • Trade Balance/GDP: -24.8%
  • Population: 4.7M
  • Public Debt/GDP: 42%
  • Unemployment: 2.8%
  • Inflation: 8.8%

This is our country and we should start thinking how to invest in the minds of the youths, the disappointed people, the street sellers, the go-ba-chop women, the taxi drivers and the citizens at large. Our people have suffer too much to continue to enslave them self from within and this is one of the hardest thing a man can ever fight to get out of, locking him self up.

To stop drugs today we should start from within our homes, taking our sons, daughters, fathers and mother who are in the act to the hospital, or to a renown area for better treatment. Safe a citizen you have safe a nation.


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