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Will Copyrights Law hold for Liberian Musicians?


The question seems big and hard to answer, as many Liberians in he music game as big artists are still finding it hard to their work copyrighted.

Having this to grow require a lot of work and effort to make sure that these entertainers get to understand the true befefit about copyrights.

Visiting a workshop at Takun J business, this workshop was help to make people understand what this whole copyright is about and the benefits in it.

As we see the struggle is on for Artists to get their work and name on the copyrights book they still find it hard to make that decision. Stressing up on the blogs/websites that host audio/music on there sites for downloads make people to wonder now as to if these website has certain percentage from any GSM company that download why using their mobile money or are they paying for that service under cover and no one know about it.

if this holds well, we will get a lot of people or artist making more money then they should from talent shows and the website/bloggers will make more money as well for advertisement and downloading of music from their platforms.

Encouraging people to copyright their names and music or other items. This will be hard I can’t promise anyone. This is a work very hard one but if it goes on well then everyone has Assurance.

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