Home Business News Sajj Restaurant tourism license suspended – Ministry of Information Department of Tourism

Sajj Restaurant tourism license suspended – Ministry of Information Department of Tourism


The Tourism Department of Ministry of Information Culture Affiars and Tourism has with immediate effect suspended the tourism license of SaJJ Restaurant and Bar following a complaint filed by aggrieved Liberian women and a subsequent investigation by the department.

The protesting women brought to the attention of the Ministry of Information, which is the regulatory body for tourism (to include operations of restaurants, discos, casinos etc,) that SAJJ House Restaurant has over the years implemented a discriminatory policy which prohibits single black women from entering without a male companion but was not applicable to non-black women, the women groups alleged. The deparrment’s investigation revealed that SAJJ did implement such policy which is discriminatory and in violation of our tourism regulations and prohibited by the Constitution. As such, the Ministry having met with both the Management of SAJJ and the protesters on Saturday May 12, 2018 have decided the following which include the demands of the women:

1.Suspend SAJJ license thereby shutting down their operations until a set of actions are met.

2. A fine of $3000 paid in govt revenue and copy of receipt to be delivered to the ministry

3. An Apology to the affected group (s) – women of Liberia – for their action of discrimination against them and publish said apology in at least two newspapers.

4 .SAJJ institutes a CSR Project not less than $2500 to identify and support a local NGO that works with disadvantaged young women.

5. Remain closed until all of the above conditions are met.

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