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Costa Wonder on Liberians Attitude towards Mr. Charles Sirleaf and their country situations.


Of recent Liberians got pictures of Charles Sirleaf getting marry to a very young woman and this brought out concerns that an old man like Charles Sirleaf should have known better then getting marry to such a young lady.

This came up right after the drama of Nigeria super star, Davido got a car for his girl friend Chioma. Many people are saying that this new wife of Charles Sirleaf has gotten her Assurance. Let hear Henry P Costa address the issue.

“The things that should really concern Liberians don’t matter to them at all. What’s all this fuss over Charles Sirleaf marrying a very young woman?? How does that affect your lives negatively or positively?

You want Henry Costa ALONE to advocate for the high tarrifs at the port to be reduced, and for workers’ rights at APM Terminals, MNG Gold, Bea Mountain, just to name a few, to be protected, but you spend your time on Facebook talking about useless things that are not your business. What kind of people are you?

This is one of the reasons why I will be leaving the radio. We are not serious at all. Other people in other parts of the world are using social media to effect change while you use it to gossip. Shame on all of you who do this!

By the way, I am NOT a fan of the Sirleaf family, but even if Robert Sirleaf wants to marry a man, that’s his business, not mine.”

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