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Fall Out 2in1


Sun and Shine known as 2in1 are no longer together as a group. The fact about their separation is clear. This is the whole story. These two great artists started their career as a group in Guinea. They came together as a team and name their group 2in1 at first it was spelled as Two in One but when they came to Liberia it change to 2in1. In Guinea they sang under the umbrella of Studio Grace Record, under their producer Antoine Nyekuya, they came you with several songs that made people dance. As a team they started to get fans in Guinea but felt the game was better in Liberia their home land. They move over to Liberia and yes they started fighting the game.

Sun and Shine walking around on the street of Rehab

As the struggle went from one stage to another their came their first break up with their studio, Grace Record. As rumors went the artists never respected their producer or manager any more and they said the manager never really care about their up bringing. All this fight started when their producer/manager got to know they were not loyal to him again but acting rude and spoiling his

Raw in the midst of 2in1 at Hard Head Record

name. He suspended them. Now they went on their own, depending on family and friends to help them up but as the parable goes, “Your character will always go with you where ever you go.” They started to lane on Gossip Liberia for help, as time went by their attitude open in the air like a spoil food. They went their way again and started to face the struggle on their own.

Leh Go Der – 2in1 Ft. Eric Geso

Shine who is the singer and Sun is the rapper, they started catching feelings after they sang their first song with Eric Geso on the connection of the CEO of Smart Pictures in Australia. Shine and Sun grow wings and stop associating with people who wanted to help out. It never went far Shine started comparing himself with DanG that he can sing more than DanG, and this statement he made it in the face of DanG personal friends, Rawlo and other artists who love DanG and they know what DanG can offer them.

This made the price of his recording to Hard Head Record went up to the original price and even till now few songs are left behind in the studio.

Knowing that Shine has a great voice in his dialect and Feouls saw him as someone he could sing along with, Shine feature Feouls on the song “Reality” and from the video of appearance of Shine he went wide and never notice his team mate. He always made the statement “My Songs” even the ones that had he and Sun on, he never mention Sun again and he also stop sharing with his team mate. This brought a great separation between them. Shine even called Sun “Lazy Artist.” He said “Sun can’t make it without him that he’s the brain and the voice and Sun is just not creative as him and he can’t compete with him ever.

Feouls looking at this and the attitude of Shine towards Sun he decided to take Sun in and built on him. Now as we speak Sun and Shine are no longer singing as a group and from the observation it was the proud act of Shine that separate them.

Sun Went on a song with a artist from SL and his name is Mahoni (Inshalah) and he also on a new track with Feouls and other new stuffs are pending. Shine sang Betterfly, Popoplipo, She Heleba, Back To Sender and other tracks he sang alone.

But what makes the situation look funny Shine is still finding his way to get Sun around him with all the attitude he show show his team mate.

He change his name from Shine to Shine the Change and later he said Shine Ley Via MandingoBoy. Sun first artist name was JD Crash, later Sun now he added Sun Love. These guys are confuse with the art.

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